Extraterrestrial engineers to keep your startup at warp speed

We do lean web development: from user stories and design to agile development with Ruby on Rails, DevOps, support and training

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Ruby and Ruby on Rails are in the heart of most projects and the essential Martian tool of choice.

To power the most high-performant projects—to withstand high load, build networking applications or process huge amounts of data, we add Go, Scala, or Erlang to the mix.


React with Redux is the Martian go-to JavaScript framework. Node.js and ES7, the latest version of JavaScript, are the foundation for front-end development. We build front-end with Webpack, PostCSS, and Babel.


For iOS development, Martians use the Swift language for all emerging applications. We support existing Objective-C applications as well.

Big Data

To grind and analyze big amounts of data, Apache Spark is our favorite processing engine. Cassandra is used to store big amounts of data with great scalability and availability.


Dedicated Martian DevOps team uses Chef to automate infrastructure management and deploy software on Amazon Web Services or any other cloud or dedicated bare-metal hosting.

Open Source for the win

All of our products are based on open-source technologies. For us, it is vital to be a part of the community, to participate in the open source movement and to give back as well as to start new projects.

Here is something we have created—and participated in—during the last years.

Meet a company of individuals

We believe in lean process and agile software development. We work with talented people who are not afraid to take the initiative. We prefer distributed teams over offices—in fact, most of us work remotely.

What started as a company of two friends continues as a team of more than 30 passionate engineers who enjoy web and mobile development, hacking open-source projects and coaching others.

Best of all, we have a track record of helping startups to pivot and to grow big.

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